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Aaron Hartley

Videographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 

Photo by Eden MacAdam-Somer

Aaron's Cinematography Style

As a wedding videographer, Aaron's craft extends beyond documentation. He specializes in crafting cinematic narratives that elevate love stories. Through film, Aaron captures emotions, transforming each frame into visual poetry. What distinguishes him is the fusion of technical precision and creative flair. His unique editing style adds a personalized touch, setting personalities apart. Clients don't just receive a film; they get a cinematic experience tailored to their story. Amidst a sea of videographers, Aaron's work stands out for its artistry and timeless appeal. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about encapsulating the essence of the couple.

Aaron, equipped with an FAA Part 107 drone pilot license and comprehensive insurance, ensures a seamless and secure aerial perspective in his wedding videography. Safety and professionalism define his commitment to capturing unforgettable moments from unique angles.

About A-Side Productions LLC


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, A-Side Productions LLC is a wedding videography company. The team is passionate about creating customized wedding videos that aesthetically showcase your day. Using a cinematic and storytelling style, A-Side Productions LLC works to create a meaningful film that you can treasure for years to come. A-Side Productions offers a number of single camera and three camera packages. Add-ons include extra hours, drone, client revisions, additional camera-person, and more.

A-Side Productions LLC books a set number of weddings each year, allowing us to devote ample attention to each project. As of 2024, all weddings are produced in Netflix Certified 4K quality using Canon cameras. We feel it is best to begin the process by discussing clients needs and expectations. We encourage interested couples to please review our 2023-24 Package Catalog and/or reach out for more information.



It's all about being real...
and that begins by building real relationships.

My ultimate goal when I'm capturing your wedding isn't to create "beautiful" content, it's about crafting something truly meaningful – something real. I want to evoke emotion, capture stories authentically, and communicate the true heart behind the people and companies I partner with through every piece of work I create. And, of course I hope my work turns out beautifully and I strive for perfection in everything – but my primary focus isn't simply "pretty pixels", it's authenticity.
CiCi & Patrick, Teaser (12/01/23)
Stephanie & Tyler, Teaser (11/26/23)
Abbey & Todd, Teaser (9/23/23)
Abbey & Todd, Highlights (9/23/23)