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These are some of the most common questions I'm asked. If you have any specific question, please don't hesitate to reach out,

What's the “Editor Friendly” RAW footage?

You receive the “Editor Friendly” RAW as part of each bundle I provide. And I would contend that the Documentary Cut is still the most significant thing you receive from me, even if you upgrade to one of the Highlight Packages. I'll explain.

You will see and hear everything I captured on the wedding day with my “Editor Friendly” RAW. I capture the ceremony and speeches, as well as the other key events, in their entirety. You receive a thorough recording of all words and actions. In the meanwhile, I capture whatever I notice, including candid pictures of you and your guests interacting and having a good time, kids playing, details, the setting, etc.

Actually, I don't actually record 8 hours of footage during a typical 8-hour wedding shoot since I record just when I want to. Since you will see everything I shot, I usually record 1.5 to 2.5 hours of video, and the “Editor Friendly” RAW takes around that long.

I take all that unprocessed video and edit it so that when you see it, it appears polished and done. No photos of the ceiling or my feet please. Simply said, you receive exceptionally high quality audio and video from start to finish, allowing you to start the film and watch it all the way through, reliving the full day. The documentary of your wedding day is actually what it is.

The time passes quickly. The focus of my documentary package is on documenting the day so you can look back on it later. Additionally, why would you pay a videographer to document the entire day if all you receive is a hurriedly edited short video that represents their interpretation of the event? My Highlight Reels are fantastic because they are quick and easy to share with friends and, if you like, on social media. But the “Editor Friendly” RAW is what you will look back on when you want to relive the day, hear what was said, and see what occurred.

I’d like to give you a couple of quick samples of my “Editor Friendly” RAW editing. To give you an idea of how my “Editor Friendly” RAWs look and feel, I created these brief samples since I don't want to post 2-3 hour-long videos on my website.


What's the difference between your packages?

My packages are pretty much the same except for the a) length of time (4hr, 6hr, 8hr, 10hr+/ multi-day) and b) editing Teaser, Highlights, Feature, Openers, Closers,  multicam-ceremonies, drone footage, etc. With every package you get me, a great recording of the entire day, and the “Editor Friendly” RAW footage. When you upgrade your package you also get a Highlight (10-12 min) and/or Full Feature (30-45 min).


What's a Teaser/ Trailer Reel?

The montages of the wedding day in my Teaser/ Trailer Reels have been completely edited to resemble music videos. I try to make them exciting and enjoyable, and each one is specifically tailored to the couple. Teaser/ Trailer Reels usually lasts 3–4 minutes because they are that long. For some examples to watch, visit my Portfolio page.


What's a Highlight Reel?

Two songs are used in the Highlight Reel as opposed to one. This is wonderful for several reasons. The extra time will allow me to include more of the day's best events, such as your vows and the toasts. Additionally, it's great because each half of the video can have a different vibe. For the pre-ceremony and ceremony, I frequently start with a more emotional song before switching to a faster, happier song for the reception and party. Usually, it lasts 6 to 8 minutes.


How many hours are included in your packages?

My packages include 6-hr, 8-hr, and multi-day coverage. For most weddings, I strongly recommend 8-hours, which allows enough time to start with bridal preparations, first-look, shoot the entire ceremony, the entire reception schedule with speeches, party footage, well-wishes, and a good-bye shot towards the end of the night. You can add more time if you have a longer day, or multi-day.


Can we meet with you before we decide to hire you?

Absolutely! Getting to know your wedding videographer in advance is a great idea. Please get in touch with me to set up a meeting.


How far do you travel to shoot weddings?

I shoot weddings within a two-hour radius of Boston, MA. This allows coverage in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. Over 2-hours, an addition transpiration fee will be added. Over 4-hours, lodging, meals, and a transportation fee is required.


Who will actually shoot my wedding?

I, Aaron Hartley, shoot every wedding.


What is your shooting style?

I have a narrative cinematic storytelling approach that consists of smooth footage and seamless transitions. When filming, I primarily use a triple axel gimble for the main camera to achieve these results. It takes some extra labor and care, but it's worth it. I find that couples prefer this approach, but hand-held for some captures can be really nice to change up the vibe- like for staged portrait walking or the after party dancing.


What camera equipment do you use?

As of 2024, every wedding is filmed in Netflix Certified 4k using Canon cameras. Please see my list of Gear HERE. I carry most of everything on my person so you never have to worry about me missing a moment. 


What video format do you shoot?

By default, my packages include 4K (3840×2160 resolution), 59.94 frames per second, which allows for more creative editing uses. I prefer to shoot with the neutral color profile, C-LOG3.


What audio equipment do you use?

Audio is very important and I always make sure that the couples I work with are aware of when I will need to place lav mics so it is not a surprise or guessing game. I have on-camera audio, DJ audio (xlr; 1/8), lav mics, and pen mics.


Our reception venue will be very dimly lit. Do you use lights?

My Netflix Certified 4k Canon cameras have 15-stops of dynamic range to make sure you will have the most professional possible results. I use on/off camera lights only as needed and only use them while recording. No one wants too much light in their face during a joyous evening party. 


How do you work with photographers?

The relationship between a videographer and a photographer is, in my opinion, one of collaboration rather than rivalry. We're both there to provide excellent service to our shared client. I usually introduce myself and try to stay alongside them. If there is a shot I want, I ask and we make sure both of our needs are covered. Constant unobtrusive communication with the couple, the photographer, the dj, the venue staff, etc. is all vital for a smooth wedding day.

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